EuroFUE-UJI holds an event to encourage the presence of women in science

07/03/2019 Carme Ripolles

EuroFUE-UJI organised last March 7 La Dona en la Ciència. In this convention, the first conclusions drawn from the E-STEAM, an Erasmus + Project with the aim of promoting the presence of women in science, were addressed.

The event was attended by the students and professors of the Francesc Ribalta High School, as well as a committee of experts and mentors who shared their vision and experience in this field. The convention was also attended by Pilar Safont, Vice-Rector of Language Promotion and Equality.

Moreover, Laritza Machín was present on behalf of the research group GeST [Género, Salud y Trabajo (] directed by Eva Cifre, Professor at the Universitat Jaume I. She presented the four stereotypes detected through studies in different high schools of Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

07/03/2019 Carme Ripolles

The four stereotypes addressed were: “girls lack confidence in their STEAM skills”, “boys associate more with STEM, despite the fact that girls are hardworking”, “boys are considered skilful in science” and lastly “boys are oriented towards achievement while girls are oriented towards the feelings and care of society”. After the presentation of the project, Ana Maria Solis, dynamiser of the event, started and led a participatory workshop where experts, mentors, teachers and students were divided into four groups and had the opportunity to discuss the situation of women in science from the perspective of these stereotypes.

“Neither lack of confidence nor self-belief can stop us from achieving equality”, “the lack of knowledge of female scientific models” or the need to “change education both at home and at school in a way that encourages the development of skills” are some of the conclusions written in murals by the groups after having shared their ideas.