EuroFUE-UJI participates with Albania in a Europe for Citizens project

Youth for the Future of Europe is the name of the new project in which EuroFUE-UJI is participating in the framework of the Europe for Citizens programme. This project approved by the European Commission aims to promote the cooperation of young people to take part in European initiatives. The consortium of this project is formed by two international institutions, the FUE-UJI (Spain) and the municipality of Patos (Albania).

The key theme of the project is the implementation of a series of training workshops for young people to provide them with the tools and knowledge necessary to become active citizens in the future of Europe. The project Youth for the Future of Europe will bring together more than 150 young people from Albania and Spain interested in social issues and European political initiatives.

Therefore, the first training workshop will be held in Castellón, making the capital of La Plana the host of Albania during 5 days in which the young participants will be trained in European matters. Experts with a wide experience at European level, as well as young people who have voted for the first time in the European elections and who want to share their experience, will give sessions on various topics: introduction to the different European institutions, the possibility of participating in mobility programmes, internships or European voluntary work and the importance of initiatives promoted by young people at European level.

In the second training workshop, the participants in the European project in Castellón will travel to Albania to attend a series of international training workshops. Thus, the project Youth for the Future of Europe will strengthen the relations between Castellón and the Patos (Albania) through the participation in the project of the youngest and will promote initiatives at European level between both countries. This project is also a great opportunity for the municipality of Patos, Albania, which as a candidate country for membership of the European Union has been presented as a great opportunity to train and inform its citizens about Europe and the opportunities offered.