EuroFUE-UJI works with digital inclusión through its new Erasmus+ project ASIDE

The European Commission has approved the new Erasmus + ASIDE project, Adult Social Inclusion in Digital Environment, in which the FUE-UJI participates as a partner. The consortium that integrates this European project includes 3 international partners, among which is the FUE-UJI, and whose association aims to improve social inclusion in terms of basic digital skills.

The European ASIDE project is part of the Erasmus + program, in the “Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education” modality. In its two-year duration, a digital platform will be created as a portfolio that will offer the tools needed to promote inclusive education and bridge the digital divide in the society.

The consortium of this project is conformed of four international entities, including the FUE-UJI, the Saricam Public Education Center of Turkey, the ITC International TEFL Adult Education Center of the Czech Republic and the foundation for research and innovation in education Fundacja Instytut Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji from Poland which is responsible for coordinating the ASIDE project for the social inclusion of adults in the digital environment.

Through digital tools, the consortium that integrates the European ASIDE project, guided by experts and professionals in the field, will make available to a wider audience the tools necessary to carry out initiatives and services based on digital social inclusion.