FUE-UJI hosts the initial meeting between partners of the European Erasmus+ CIA Project

On 5th and 6th March EuroFUE-UJI welcomed the first transnational meeting between the partners of the European Erasmus+ CIA Project, which promotes intergenerational exchange of knowledge through Intergenerational Civic Councils. The University Campus, where the FUE- UJI headquarters are located, has been the first meeting point between the partners of this European project, coordinated by the FUE-UJI.

The consortium for this project is also made up of five other international organizations. This includes: INNETICA from Spain, Directia Judeteana pentru Sport si Tineret Brasov from Romania, Associação Sójovem das Saibreiras from Portugal, Tavsanli Kaymakamligi from Turkey and Fundacja Instytut Badań i Innowacji w Edukacji  from Poland. All of them have been represented on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th March in the initial meeting of this Erasmus+ project in the framework of the Strategic Partnerships in the field of youth.

The meeting has marked the start of this ambitious project. During these two days, work meetings have been organized with the aim of establishing the bases on which the project will be implemented, defining the proceedings, as well as establishing a timeline.

The CIA Project will be implemented over the next 20 months and will work on the development of a methodology for the implementation of Intergenerational Civic Councils, a practical guide for council participants, as well as the implementation of an online platform to facilitate the operation of this initiative.

The ultimate aim is to promote the exchange of intergenerational knowledge from age to youth. The CIA project will work with Local Intergenerational Civic Councils that promote the development of new and potential personal and professional skills, as well as the improvement of personal relationships between generations, which has proven to be especially beneficial for the development of both groups.