Mission, vision and values


Our mission is approaching Universitat Jaume I to Europe in order to develop innovative projects. Through this rapprochement we benefit companies (large and small) and entities related to the FUE-UJI. In addition, we look for European and non-European partners so as to create cross-border consortia, which is a way to increase and reinforce the international visibility. We differentiate because of having an extensive network of contacts with companies (big companies FUE Board of Trustees) and with public institutions and entities, as well as addressing a wide range of thematic areas of projects.


Eurofue is expected to be known as an office concerning the advice, search for funding, drafting and presentation of European projects. Our final aim is to have a clear and consistent positioning in Europe. However, in order to achieve it, firstly our efforts shall be focused on obtaining good results which should be recognised in the social and business sector from Castellón.


Work for a change in the world

All the projects in which we take part have an innovative base which helps improve different areas of the society. Education and environment are two mainstays very important since our works are related to them because of being essential in human evolution. Eurofue is also focused, through cross-border projects, on those countries with fewer resources. The main aim is to create a better world.

Commitment to rapprochement to Europe

In Eurofue it is thought that any company or institution, provided they have an innovative project, is entitled to apply for EU funding. Therefore, in addition to give professional advice to large organizations, Eurofue also helps small institutions not to fear taking part in European projects. The key is to know where and which call is the most appropriate for each project, and to achieve it the expert advice is needed.


In Eurofue it is known that a good communication is essential to develop the projects. Owing to that, different communication channels are offered, by emphasizing the personalized meetings both in-person and by using video call. Contact is important for Eurofue, and due to that, three languages are spoken: Valencian, Spanish and English. This is useful for works in which there are European and non-European partners, in order that the stakeholders understand each other. Therefore, Eurofue is a close office and willing to address any inquiry or doubt without any obligation.

Professionalism and effort

Professionalism is considered the only way to move towards success consistently. Owing to that, all our projects are taken seriously, from the most ambitious to the most modest. Eurofue is involved in order that every work contributes the best of each member. The work is rigorous and persistent to continue placing Spain in one of the three countries obtaining rate of return is presentation of European projects.