The EuroFUE-UJI Collaborates with the Vice-Rectorate of Equality for the Future of Women in the STEM Area

EuroFUE-UJI meets with the Vice-rector of Language Promotion and Equality of the UJI, Pilar Safont, in order to find synergies in the field of equal gender and STEM degrees. The progress of the European E-STEAM project that promotes the study of the degrees of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics among young women has aroused the interest of the vice-rector of Linguistic and Equality Promotion which wanted to include the project as part of the framework program for equality in the STEM disciplines of the UJI.

During the meeting held on July 26, both parties have agreed to collaborate on the framework of the program which aims to make innovative women visible and entrepreneurs and promote STEM studies among women.

This program promoted by the Jaume I University through the vice-rectors of Linguistic and Equality, Research and Transfer and Student Promotion and Social Commitment will begin next September. The role of the Jaume I University Business Foundation to carry out concrete actions will be fundamental since its experience in the European E-STEAM project (where EuroFUE-UJI is a partner) will be very beneficial for positioning International of this program.

The international presentation of this framework program, designed to create scientific vocations and promote both innovation and entrepreneurship in women, will be held during the next transnational project meeting European E-STEAM that will host the Jaume I University on September 25 and 26. All partners and parties involved in the project will attend this meeting, so this is a relevant date in the framework of the European E-STEAM project.