The European Project E-STEAM gathers together mentors and mentees at IES Ribalta in Castellón

The Mentoring Programme of the Erasmus+ E-STEAM Project started on Monday 11th of November with a presentation between mentors and mentees at the IES Francesc Ribalta in Castellón. This program is part of the European project E-STEAM (2018-2020) for the promotion of STEM studies among young women. Its objective is to guide high school students in the choice of their professional career through tutoring by professional women in the STEM areas.

During this opening session of the E-STEAM mentoring programme, the mentors introduced themselves to their mentees, a total of 15 students from 4th year of ESO and 1st year of Bachillerato from IES Ribalta, where this meeting was held. This is the first in-depth contact between mentors and mentees, an occasion on which the latter will be able to take advantage of the occasion to raise their first doubts to their mentors regarding their professional future.

The mentoring programme will last six months, during which the aim is to make young women think about their future and to draw a picture of the wide range of professional opportunities offered by science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM). The mentoring team is made up of a total of 11 professionals from the STEM areas. In the area of chemistry there is the professor of the Jaume I University Rosa Llusar and the researchers of the Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM) Beatriz Julián and Macarena Poyatos. Professor and doctor in agronomic engineering of the UJI María Jesús Muñoz and Elena Fernández, graduated in Multimedia Engineering from the University of Valencia are also mentors.

In the science area, E-STEAM count on doctors in Computer Science Mercedes Marqués and Inmaculada Remolar, Raquel Agost, graduated in Psychology and Marta Tolosa, graduated in Biomedical Science, in addition to Marisa Falcó, graduated in Biological Science and Susana Pérez, chief engineer of the project of Assurance of Technical Competences of Maintenance in BP.