The FUE-UJI successfully hosts the 3rd Transnational meeting of the Erasmus + E-STEAM project

The European E-STEAM project for the promotion of STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) among women, has met in Castellón on the occasion of its 3rd Transnational Meeting. The Jaume I-Empresa University Foundation has hosted the meeting, attended by the consortium partners: the Silves School Association from Portugal; First Private School Leonardo da Vinci Ltd of Bulgaria; Dimitrie Cantemir University and Fundatia Professional, from Romania and the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development IED of Greece, who travelled to Castellón on September 25 and 26 to attend this meeting and monitor the progress of the project.

Pilar Safont, Vicerector for Language Promotion and Equality of the Jaume I University and the FUE-UJI Manager, Gloria Serra, received the E-STEAM project partners and thanked the work of the entire group, stating that it is a project more than necessary. “It is our responsibility, as educational institutions, to make knowledge and science attractive to women,” said the Vicerector for Language Promotion and Equality at the UJI.

This welcome was followed by numerous work sessions to outline the work already done and discuss what steps the project should take, which will be its second year of implementation. The mentoring program for girls and young students, the online training platform for teachers and the dissemination of the results of the project have been the issues addressed during the sessions, since these are the points that will focus the work of the coming months.

The FUE-UJI, as host organization of the meeting, took the opportunity to present some of the actions that are being carried out in the field of gender and STEM studies in Castellón. One of them was the presentation at European level of the UJI-Lamarr Equality Framework Program, designed to create scientific vocations and promote both innovation and entrepreneurship among women. Pilar Safont, Vicerector for Language Promotion and Equality, was in charge of presenting the program, which she considers an indispensable tool to “make visible all the women engineers, scientists and researchers we have”. UJI-Lamarr will work on the visualization of the innovation of professors and researchers, STEM training and collaboration with the business sector.

One of the examples of a successful woman in the STEM area is Susana Pérez, project manager for the Maintenance of Technical Skills in BP and mentor of the European E-STEAM project, who shared with all attendees her professional and personal experience and his experiences as an engineer woman.

Robotme, an initiative focused on educational robotics, was also presented to the E-STEAM partners. This project has extensive experience organizing workshops and promoting robotics among girls from an early age.

As an enclosure to this third transnational meeting, attendees moved to the Vall d’Uixó to learn about the attractiveness of the province. There they had the opportunity to visit the Saint Joseph’s Caves and the natural landscape that surrounds them.