The new Erasmus+ Project of the FUE-UJI includes in its proposal Intergenerational Civic Councils

CIA is the acronym for ‘Civic Intergenerational Agents’, the new Erasmus+ Project approved by the European Commission and coordinated by FUE-UJI. This project that promotes intergenerational knowledge exchange has 6 international organisations in its consortium that will implement it during the next year and a half.

The European Project CIA is part of the Erasmus+ Programme, in particular in the ‘Strategic Partnerships in the Youth field’ action. During its implementations, the project will carry out a series of Local Intergenerational Civic Councils through which they improve the skills and employability of young people with fewer opportunities.

In addition to the FUE-UJI as coordinator, the CIA Project includes five other international organizations in its consortium. These are INNETICA also from Spain, the Directorate of Sport and Youth of Brasov County from Romania, the Association Sójovem das Saibreiras from Portugal, Tavsanli Kaymakamligi from Turkey and the Foundation Institute for Research and Innovation in Education from Poland.

In this way, the Erasmus+ CIA Project will promote the exchange of intergenerational knowledge from old people to young people. Through these Local Intergenerational Civic Councils the development of new and potential personal and professional skills is promoted, as well as the improvement of personal relationships between generations, which has proven to be especially beneficial for the development of both groups.