November 2019-October 2021

The proposal, of which FUE-UJI is a partner, results from gathering experiences in the implementation of informal language learning methodologies for immigrants. The project will include a 60-hour language learning course including methodologies such as language coffee or cybercafes. The final objective of TTT-I is to apply informal learning methodologies for the acquisition of new languages during long stays of immigrants in foreign countries. 

This project aims to develop and implement a training methodology on non-formal learning of languages for immigrants. During two years (2019 – 2021), international organizations will work in order to fulfill this objective. The TTT-I training program will focus on non-formal learning methodologies that will conform a curriculum including topics such as cyber café, language tandem, how to deal with traumatic situations, generate awareness about cultural differences, the socio-economic environment, and cultural mediation for immigrants. This training course will be developed and implemented in two phases, first a previous version in the Training in Greece and a more advanced version in the Training in Spain, in which more participants will be involved.

Coordinator: Fundadja Ad Meritum (Poland)


FUE-UJI (España)

Second Chance School of Mytilene (Greece)

Active Citizens Partnership (Greece)

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