Our services

EuroFUE-UJI has the labour of turning the advances and scientific discoveries, he entrepreneurial ideas and innovation in any field into business success, through projects and European funding.

 These aims are achieved with some actions:

  • Lobbying and networking

EuroFUE-UJI knows the importance of having active presence in Europe. Therefore, we develop networking actions weekly in order to create synergies and participate in reference transnational consortia, to aim for the European calls with the best guarantee of success. Thus far, we have had meetings with members of the European Commission from the field of energy and transport; companies, and European research centres. Likewise, we have taken part in the H2020 week of proposal presentation in the European Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN). With regard to calls, we have submitted projects to: Life, Erasmus+, Cosme, ENI CBC, with countries such as Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

  • Personalized support in the search for funding through international and European programs and funds

As it is known how difficult and frustrating could be having an innovative idea and not knowing how to present it to Europe in order to obtain funds for it, in EuroFUE-UJI there is advice with regard to which call is the most appropriate for each project and where it is. Our team analyses the exposed idea for giving advice about the most suitable call, taking into account the characteristics of the institution and of the idea.

  • Drafting and presentation of proposals and management of approved projects

From Europe noticeable guidelines are sent when drafting the projects, therefore, EuroFUE-UJI assists in the drafting and presentation of innovative proposals within the established framework. Owing to that, the support from an expert team in European questions is essential in the whole process, from the presentation of the proposal to the project management. It should be emphasized that EuroFUE-UJI has external collaborations from expert professional on different European calls, in order that the drafting is as suitable as possible for the guidelines established by Europe.

  • Organization of training seminars and information days

From EuroFUE-UJI it is considered that companies and institutions are informed of all the open European calls is very important, in order to find the most appropriate for their projects. Due to that, training seminars and information days are organized. In these activities European monographic topics are addressed to those interested in participating in such programs.