November 2019-October 2021

FUE-UJI participates as a partner in the Erasmus+ ASIDE project, which aims to improve social inclusion through the creation of a portfolio on basic digital skills.  The European ASIDE project aims to provide inclusive education and reduce the digital gap in digital skills in some sectors of society. This portfolio will offer the necessary tools to carry out initiatives and services based on social digital inclusion.

More precisely, ASIDE project aims to:
– foster social inclusion improving the competences of social educators and social volunteers engaged in designing/implementing social inclusion initiative/projects (Priority: Social inclusion)
– enhance the support, participation, and learning activities of social educators and social volunteers engaged in inclusive education and digital social practices (Priority: Extending anddeveloping educators’ competences)
– improve social inclusions through digital innovation practices, innovative ICT-based methods and pedagogies, as well as online participatory models, where appropriate (Priority: Open education and innovative practices in a digital era)

Coordinator: Fundacja Instytu Badani Innowacjiw Edukacji (Polonia)


FUE-UJI (España)

Saricam Halk Egitimi Merkezi (Turkey)

ITC International TEFL Certificate s.r.o (Czech Republic)


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Erasmus+ ASIDE project presents its results at an International Workshop

The ASIDE consortium meeting has been a key opportunity for the celebration of the International Workshop of the project, in which the cases on digital needs of social services of each country participating in the project (Poland, Turkey, Spain and Czech Republic)...

The ASIDE project held its transnational meeting in Castelló with the FUE-UJI as partner

The European and International Projects Office of the FUE-UJI (EuroFUE-UJI) has hosted the transnational meeting between the partners of the Erasmus+ ASIDE project, which took place in Castelló on 1 and 2 July. This consortium meeting was attended by 2 representatives...