Companies and Entities

Actions aimed at positioning companies and entities linked to the FUE-UJI at the European level to attract European funds.


The FUE-UJI, through the EuroFUE-UJI, offers the “European Financing Roadmap” which consists of carrying out a series of actions over 9 or 12 months aimed at obtaining European financing for the development of innovative projects through participation in European programs.


divided into one Preliminary Phase and one Implementation Phase, where several sessions are held adapted to the main developments and EU financing mechanisms for the period 2021-2027 that best fit the needs and interests of the entity.

Preliminary Phase

Definition of the Strategic Plan

The Roadmap for raising European funds includes an analysis of the entity's potential and personalized training on the most appropriate calls and programs, partner search platforms, and Infodays and Brokerage events that adapt to the lines of action of the entity.

Definition of the Communication Plan

It will create a Communication plan depending on the selected European funding programs. A communication benchmarking will be carried out and the objectives will be determined in a SMARTER manner, the target audience and interest groups, as well as the strategy (message, media and actions). The expression of interest” and will be disseminated online and offline in accordance with the objectives, audiences and strategy. Finally, it will be monitored through evaluation tools.

Implementation Phase

Organization of 1 Work Agenda in Brussels

The work program in Brussels will be prepared in accordance with the objectives established in the Strategic Plan. Likewise, it will be carried out accompaniment and monitoring by FUE staff to meetings with European entities and institutions, including meetings of the entity with officials of the European Union.

Participation in conferences, events and meetings with entities of interest

Organization of a practical workshop on European programs and funds focused on the entity's lines of action

To bring the latest news in European financing closer to both the entity and the partners that form part of it, such as in the case of business associations or town councils, It is proposed to carry out a practical workshop adapted to the topics of greatest interest.