E-STEAM moves towards the halfway point of the project: second newsletter

Local workshop with support board members

Each partner country of the E-STEAM project has led a workshop with students and with the support board (people related to the STEAM areas and interested parties).

The 2nd transnational E-STEAM meeting: May 6-7, Dimitrie Cantemir University (Targu Murus, Romania)

The 2nd transnational E-STEAM meeting was held in Targu Murus (Romania) in the conference room of the Serafim Duici library of Dimitrie Cantemir University during May 6-7, 2019.

Workshop for intellectual performance 3

Angela Cotoara from Fundatia Professional carried out a dynamic workshop on intellectual performance 3. Each partner indicated two counterstereotypes for each stereotype found and an activity to work on, based on the suggestions of the support board of each country.

DCU Student and Faculty Outreach Symposium, May 7, 2019

The partner institution, DCU, organized an outreach session on behalf of the
Dimitrie Cantemir University, Dr. Doina David, acted as moderator throughout the activity.

Dr. Balan Sorina-Mihaela from Dimitrie Cantemir University presented some entrepreneurship activities for female students, which took place within the university.

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