Promotion, promotion and technical assistance to the UJI in Erasmus+ projects

The FUE contributes to the development of initiatives that promote the international cooperation, innovation and excellence in higher education.

Therefore, we want to highlight the important role that EuroFUE-UJI plays in the promotion, encouragement and assistance technical to the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) in Erasmus+ projects.

FUE technical assistance in preparing Erasmus+ proposals:

In the context of the collaboration between the University-Business Foundation (FUE) and the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), the FUE provides support in projects coordinated by research groups of the UJI itself, as well as in projects in which research groups participate as partners.

Tasks include co-drafting of the project, opening the project file in the participant's portal, collecting and completing administrative documentation for the coordinator and partners, searching for partners, supporting the constitution of the advisory board and associated partners. if necessary, support in budget preparation, and review of the proposal.

FUE will provide assistance in all stages of these projects, and in calls such as the following, as well as other similar ones that may arise.

The FUE will provide assistance in all stages of these projects, and in calls such as the following, as well as other similar ones that may arise:

European Universities

This action aims promote common European values and achieve significant progress in the quality, performance, attractiveness and competitiveness of European higher education institutions through the best use of innovative pedagogies.

Alliances for Innovation

This action seeks strengthen innovation capacity through cooperation and exchange of knowledge between centers of higher education, vocational education, training and the socioeconomic environment, including research.

Once the proposal is funded, the FUE plays a crucial role in the management, communication and successful execution of projects, providing support in a variety of activities. These activities include the preparation of the management and risk plan, the quality plan and the strategic communication plan of the research group within the framework of the project. Likewise, it offers support in the organization and holding of transnational meetings and in the organization, execution and dissemination of multiplier events. Working in close collaboration with the UJI research groups, the FUE contributes to maximize the results and impact of these projects in the academic and scientific field.

It is important to highlight that the participation of the FUE is conditional on the project being granted and it being considered that Their participation adjusts to the interests of the research group. In addition, it is required that there is a budget allocation within the project and that the expenses are eligible according to the regulations of the Erasmus+ program.