The EuroFUE-UJI meets with the partners of the ASIDE project in Poland

The EuroFUE-UJI has attended the first transnational meeting between the partners of the Erasmus+ project ASIDE, about digital social inclusion. This first meeting took place on Thursday, November 21 and Friday, November 22 in Czestochowa (Poland), where the headquarters of the European project coordinator, Fundacja Instytu Badani Innowacjiw Edukacji, is located.

Besides of coordinator, the consortium of this project has three international entities, including the FUE-UJI, to which are added the Saricam Public Education Center in Turkey and the ITC International TEFL Adult Education Center in the Czech Republic. Representatives of all of them have traveled to Czestochowa to attend the first transnational meeting in which the presentation between the partners and the last set-up took place to begin developing the activities that the project has to implement for two years. .

Among other activities, the first meeting in Poland focused on laying the foundations on which will implement the project, define the actions within its framework, as well as its communication and dissemination plan, monitoring and evaluating the progress of the project.

Finally, the schedule has been defined for the development of all the activities involved. All of this, so that upon the return of each partner to their respective countries, they are ready to implement the work plan whose objective is to offer a inclusive education and alleviate the digital divide regarding digital knowledge in certain strata of society.

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