EuroFUE-UJI travels to Romania for the second meeting of the RESTAT project

The EuroFUE-UJI team has attended the second transnational meeting of the project RESET for accessible tourism. The meeting, held in Baia Mare (Romania) on June 4 and 5, focused on evaluating the quality and skills of workers to develop accessible tourism.

The organization New Horizons of Tusa (Italy), the association for people with disabilities Handy Club of Ostrava (Czech Republic), the education company Rogepa and the Greek training institute ECTE, together with the EuroFUE-UJI have attended the conference as partners participating in the project, led by the municipality of Tusa. In addition, the ECTE group was in charge of presenting the RESTAT tools for quality measurement during the opening day on June 4.

The second transnational meeting featured various workshops and discussion groups aimed at evaluating and measuring quality in accessible tourism. Both days were structured from debates on the development of a method for evaluating skills, to sessions focused on the preparation of a quality report on the tool for measuring the quality of accessible tourism.

This series of meetings is the second session of a total of five that will take place over the next two years. The town of Tusa (Italy), as leader of the project, hosted the first transnational meeting, in which issues of organization and distribution of tasks throughout the project were addressed, as a first contact.

The project RESTAT-Recognizing Skills to Transform Accessible Tourism– aims to create synergies between the tourism sector and accessibility, with the ultimate goal of creating new accessible infrastructures and offering them to people who need them. The project will be carried out until April 30, 2021. The FUE-UJI is responsible for the Impact section, specifically, for the communication, dissemination and use of the project results. Likewise, he will also lead Intellectual Output 4, whose objective is to promote the employability and labor mobility of tourism professionals and the development of an orientation tool.

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