horizon europe

Promotion, encouragement and technical assistance to the UJI in European research projects.

European and international projects

The Jaume I University (UJI) has the strategic need to increase your participation in European and international projects with the objective of position itself as a reference center at a European and international level. To meet this need, the FUE has been entrusted with the task of promotion, encouragement and technical assistance in European research projects, specifically in the program Horizon Europe.

The activities entrusted to the FUE within this context are divided into three work areas:

Actions to position UJI research structures at the European level

These actions aim increase the participation of the UJI in the Horizon Europe program, which will allow access more research funding opportunities. The activities implemented in the positioning of structures during 12 months are from the preparation of a Strategic Plan and a Communication Plan, all of this divided into training sessions, until the implementation of a Work Agenda in Brussels.

Technical assistance in European projects horizon europe

In the context of the collaboration between the University-Business Foundation (FUE) and the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), The FUE provides support in projects coordinated by research groups from the UJI itself, as well as in projects in which the research groups participate as partners. Tasks include co-drafting of the project, opening the project file in the participant's portal, collecting and completing administrative documentation for the coordinator and partners, searching for partners, supporting the constitution of the advisory board and associated partners. if necessary, support in budget preparation, and review of the proposal.

If the project is granted, the FUE may participate as Affiliated Entity, as long as their participation adjusts to the interests of the research group and the project itself. The main tasks that the FUE-UJI implements through this figure are the tasks of communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project. These are mandatory activities of all Horizon Europe projects, which have to comply with the KPIs (key performance indicators) before the European Commission.