FUE-UJI travels to Italy for the Kick-off meeting of the RESTAT project

Municipality of Tusa, Italy (12/14/2018).

The EuroFUE-UJI has traveled to Tusa (Italy), where the Kick-off meeting of the RESTAT project has been held. This is an Erasmus+, included within the KA2-Strategic Associations for Innovation.

The RESTAT project – REcognizing Skills to Transform Accessible Tourism – aims to create synergies between the tourism sector and accessibility, giving workers the opportunity to train in the sector and create new accessible infrastructures, with the aim of offering them to people who need this. project due to its special conditions.

The municipality of Tusa is the leader of this project, with the participation of partners from different entities: FUE-UJI (Spain), New Horizons (Italy), the European Center In Training For Employment (Greece) and Handy Club (Republic Czech).

Representatives of the collaborating entities of the project.

This work runs from December 1, 2018 to April 30, 2021. The FUE-UJI is responsible for the Impact section, specifically, for the communication, dissemination and use of the project results. Likewise, he also leads Intellectual Output 4, whose objective is to promote the employability and labor mobility of tourism professionals and the development of an orientation tool.

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