Interview Juan Bautista Carda Castelló


Juan Bautista Carda Castelló has a degree in Chemical Sciences (1983), a PhD in Chemical Sciences (1990), Full Professor at the Universitat Jaume I (1994 to 2010), University Professor (2010-present) and Director of the Ceramics Innovation Chair «City of Vila-real» (2012-present).

1. How important do you think the participation of universities, companies and institutions in European projects is?

The participation of companies and research groups in various European programs that promote R&D&I activities favors the creation of synergies and consortia for social development. The participation of the University is crucial to direct progress towards a more sustainable knowledge society. In parallel, participation in European projects provokes a search for international partners to establish collaborations, which can strategically favor all types of Castellón organizations, and their joint participation in European initiatives, promoting good socioeconomic growth of the territory.

2. How do you think the FUE European and International Projects Office, EuroFUE-UJI, can help when submitting proposals?

The EuroFUE-UJI is fundamental because it focuses its efforts on promoting, advising and energizing relations between companies and research groups at the European level. You must visit companies and research groups with the capacity to participate in European programs. Actions such as the promotion of the client entity in infodays organized by the European Commission in Brussels, European platform conferences and other international events, as well as the preparation and presentation of proposals to European programs (FP7, Life +, H2020...) , the preparation and sending of the proposal to obtain public financing (preparation of reports and budgets), or the support in the negotiation and signing of the contract with the body that grants the aid, the monitoring and justification of the aid and the project (coordination of meetings, etc.) and justification (preparation of technical and financial reports, management of audits...), are possible given the high level of commitment and specialization of the EuroFUE-UJI work team.


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