Between May 19 and 22, climate change will hit the computers and phones of Valencians. CCliVal is an online conference that will bring together experts from the university and technical fields, political representatives and citizens to analyze the effects and strategies of mitigation and adaptation to climate change of Valencian society and territory. This virtual meeting, organized by Fundació Scito, will analyze the impact of climate change from the main key points in the development of the necessary climate strategies: the environmental effects on Mediterranean ecosystems, the role of institutions in the face of a climate emergency, urban management , environmental education and communication and social perception of climate change.

CCliVal is kilometer 0 conference that will bring together, in four thematic tables, one per day, the main actors who work in their day to day in the climate emergency. A total of sixteen talks by experts who will arrive at Valencian and Valencian screens between May 19 and 22 starting at 5:00 p.m. Registration must be done through the conference website. The program for each session will consist of four talks and a final debate during which the experts will try to reach common points and strategies to put in place to face the climate emergency.

The organizers of the tables, Juan Bisquert, professor of applied physics and director of the Institute of Advanced Materials at the Jaume I University of Castellón, and Sara Montero, biotechnology and scientific communicator, will moderate the sessions.