Meeting H2020 Commission of the Valencian Community


On Thursday the 12th the meeting of the H2020 Commission of the Comunidad Valenciana took place in the Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE). For the first time Nela Gómez participated representing the FUE-UJI, together with other new incorporations from the DG Salud, Fundación Valenciaport and Climate KIC.

First, the monitoring indicators of the Action Plan CV H2020 were presented by the Secretaría Técnica, which showed an important improvement of the indicators regarding the VII Programa Marco and it was confirmed the compliance of the 106% of the partial return objective 2014-2017, with 234 million euros compared to the 222 million euros budgeted. The gain in terms of the relative importance of the Comunidad Valenciana was highlighted as it improves from the 6,6% of the VII PM to the 8,4% at the end of 2017. It was also valued the great contribution of the companies to H2020 with 84 million euros and 168 participant companies, most of them SMEs.

Then Climate-KIC, the main initiative of H2020 and the UE about climate change was introduced. Continuedly, the interventions from the Directorates-General and the panel of experts took place.

To conclude the day, the IVACE raised the 10 Infodays planned until the end of the year that are organised from IVACE-SEIMED with CDTI and REDIT and also Climate KIC on topics related to climate change.

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