November 2018-April 2021

RESTAT (Recognition of Skills to Transform Accessible Tourism), a project within the Erasmus + program in the 'Strategic Partnerships in the field of education and training' modality. It will last two and a half years, and will try to cover the needs surrounding the accessibility of tourism in Europe through training and the incorporation of adapted infrastructure. The consortium is made up of seven entities from the following countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria.

RESTAT will develop four main Products:

– A Practical Skills and Work Context Mapping (IO1) research study to identify a set of desirable Accessible Tourism (AT) skills most likely to be acquired at work, in addition to a set of Prospective Work Mobility Opportunities for professionals with TA skills. 

– A skills endorsement tool (IO2) to objectively assess, recognize and even classify the level of skills that tourism workers have regarding TA through the successful completion of a series of tests.

– An Upskilling Course (IO3) with 04 Specific Training modules at an intermediate level, useful for both workers and tourism managers so that their services are more professional, well-planned, entertaining and adapted to different special needs.

– A career guidance tool (IO4) to boost the employability and labor mobility of tourism professionals that indicates the most appropriate career options based on their validated skills and personal characteristics.