The ECOMAyA project promotes twinning between Networking Directors and entrepreneurs in Argentina

The Universitat Jaume I-Company Foundation has organized the Meeting-Debate Women's Entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector within the framework of the visit to Castelló by María del Carmen García, coordinator of the European cooperation project with Argentina ECOMAyA. The event included the participation of the association Netwotking Directives Castellón (NDCS). The Jaume I University participates as a partner in the ECOMAyA project, through the SOGRES group, as experts in the area of circular economy, together with the FUE-UJI also as a partner in the project and coordinated by Red PROTER (Argentina).

The meeting, held on Thursday, September 22 at the FUE-UJI, brought together entrepreneurs and managers from Castelló, to whom the ECOMAyA project was presented, "which has as its main objective to promote entrepreneurship through a microcredit program for women, which allows them to develop an entire network of companies based on the circular economy, especially around beekeeping production", as explained Gloria Serra, manager of the FUE-UJI, at the opening of the meeting.

Maria del Carmen Garcia, project coordinator, has presented ECOMAyA on behalf of Red PROTER (Argentina), the project's coordinating entity. "This project is an important achievement for Buenos Aires, as the first project financed by the European Union in our province, and it is also of great importance for Argentina," García highlighted during his presentation.

NDCS has been represented at the meeting by its president, Monica Boix; Susana Perez, director of the jewelry brand Le Cadó; Maria Bellmunt, director of the Globalis Foundation; Pilar Esquer, director of the Nutritional Consulting Habits and Emma Bordills, manager of Masía Les Casotes.

This meeting marked the beginning of a collaboration between entrepreneurs from Castelló and Buenos Aires through the ECOMAyA project and in the form of a mentoring and accompaniment activity. "NDCS associates have the profile, knowledge and experience to develop this activity in which they will guide these women who are starting out for the first time, so that they do so with the greatest guarantees of success," she noted during the meeting. Nela Gomez, director of the European and International Projects Office of the FUE-UJI and project manager of ECOMAyA.

The ECOMAyA project, financed by the European Union within the framework of the EuropeAid call for territorial cooperation, has a duration of 3 years. Over the next year, it will carry out different activities for the creation of a honey extraction plant in Argentina, in addition to training entrepreneurs in matters of administration, communication and circular economy and mentoring them in the form of twinning between Castelló-Argentina entrepreneurs.

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