The Erasmus+ CIA Project celebrates its Multiplier Event on September 9 at the FUE-UJI

The FUE-UJI, through its European and International Projects Office (EuroFUE-UJI) will present the project C.I.A. Project, Intergenerational Civic Councils, in the Multiplier Event that will take place next Thursday, September 9 at 9:30 a.m. at the FUE-UJI Assembly Hall.

The event will present the progress of the project and results obtained after its two years of implementation, in addition to the participation of the SECOT initiative, linked to the project philosophy based on the exchange of knowledge and ideas between different generations. In order to improve the skills and employability of young people with fewer opportunities based on the exchange of knowledge and experiences, the CIA project has developed the following Intellectual Products: IO1 Operational Manual for the functioning of the Intergenerational Civic Councils and writing of a Module Training based on the development of specific skills for CIA participants, IO2 Practical guide for CIA and IO3 facilitators and interlocutors Collaborative platform for the promotion of Intergenerational Civic Councils.

Registration for the event is free and open, it can be done through email until the capacity is complete.

CIA multiplier event program

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