The EuroFUE-UJI team participates in the 4th GO GLOBAL Valencia Congress

The EuroFUE-UJI is committed to continuous training in internationalization, this time through participation in the fourth edition of the Congress GO GLOBAL which the Valencia Fair hosted on November 19 and 20 and in which they participated more than 50 companies and institutions. Among them, the European and International Projects Office of the FUE-UJI did not want to miss this opportunity to expand its training horizons, in search of synergies and new opportunities in the international sector. In its fourth year of celebration, GO GLOBAL has offered attendees two full days with presentations on very diverse subjects, all of them focused on the internationalization of companies and institutions.

In addition, the congress venue itself has been structured in such a way that all the needs of attendees are met. GO GLOBAL has had, in addition to the sectoral and institutional stands in which to exhibit and make the different presentations, an area for international buyers, another sector dedicated exclusively to the IVACE/ICEX Scholarships and an area for the external network. Highlight among the sectoral areas, the Europe Space Opportunities in which presentations on various topics were scheduled, such as European Opportunities: Horizon Europe Program, with the intervention of Guillermo Álvarez, Head of the Department of Social Challenges of the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI). Also highlighting in this space intended for European policies, the presentation Financing R&D Projects in International Cooperation through Eureka, organized by the CDTI.

Among the presentations scheduled within the framework of the congress, the following stand out: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: New paradigms for Internationalization led by Carmen Artigas, Expert in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Technological Innovation, Creative Europe Media, as an Instrument of Internationalization by Ágata Szczygiel from the Consultancy and Promotion Cultural Foundation Office Media Spain and  Geostrategic Keys of the Current International Scenario by Miguel Ángel Ballesteros, director of the Department of National Security of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government. With the aim of promoting the internationalization and provide tools to carry out these tasks, the GO GLOBAL Congress has once again received a great reception from the business and institutional sector at a national and international level.

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