November 2019-October 2021

The proposal, of which FUE-UJI is a partner, is the result of bringing together experiences in the implementation of informal language learning methodologies for immigrants. The project will have a 60-hour language learning course that will include methodologies such as the language café or cybercafés. The final objective of TTT-I is to apply informal learning methodologies for the acquisition of new languages during long stays of immigrants in foreign countries.

This project, which aims to develop and implement a training methodology on non-formal language learning for immigrants, will be carried out for two years (2019 – 2021). The TTT-I training program will focus on non-formal learning methodologies that will form a curriculum that will include topics such as cybercafé, language tandem, how to deal with traumatic situations, raising awareness about cultural differences, the socioeconomic environment and cultural mediation aimed at immigrants. This training course will be developed in two phases, in a first version in the Training Stay in Greece and in a more advanced version in the Training Stay in Spain, specifically in Castelló, in which more participants will participate.

COORDINATOR: Fundadja ad meritum (Poland)