The Erasmus+ Zero Waste project has brought together all project partners in the first transnational online meeting. This meeting held on 10 February marked the kick-off for this project on zero waste and circular economy training. The meeting was led by the project coordinator, Democracy University of Izmir (Turkey). It has counted with the participation of all its partners, in addition to the FUE-UJI, the University of Balikesir (Turkey), the multicultural organisation SWIDEAS (Sweden), the Slovak University of Agriculture V (Slovakia), the consultancy EMKICE (Republic of North Macedonia) and the municipality of KARESI (Turkey).

During this international meeting, which was held online, the Zero Waste project partners have determined the different activities that will be carried out in the framework of the project and their organisation in the calendar of the next two years of project implementation. As well as, the visual identity of the project has been published, together with its website and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), which will disseminate all the activities developed in the framework of the Erasmus+ Zero Waste project.

Among the next steps of the project, it is worth highlighting the launching of a study to analyse the current situation regarding the knowledge of the population of the partner countries (Turkey, Macedonia, Slovakia, Sweden and Spain) about different concepts related to sustainability and circular economy. This study will be carried out by conducting a series of questionnaires and interviews, from which data and results will be extracted to guide the next steps of this project for sustainability training.