FUE-UJI through EuroFUE-UJI, directed by Nela Gómez, participates as a partner in the Erasmus+ IMONED project for training in online education, which is added to a total of 15 European and International projects implemented by FUE-UJI. IMONED will improve the knowledge, skills and competences of teaching staff in online and distance education. The coordinator of this project is Florida Centre de Formación Sociedad Cooperativa (Spain) and the consortium consists of a total of 7 international organisations.

IMONED has been funded by the Erasmus+ programme in the “Strategic Partnerships for School Education” category. The project, which will last two years, will provide teachers with an immediate and comprehensive tool that will allow them to organise and deliver online classes in times of pandemic or other similar situations.

In addition to its coordinator Florida Centre de Formación Sociedad Cooperativa (Spain) and FUE-UJI as a partner, the Erasmus+ IMONED project consortium is made up of the Daday District National Education Directorate (Turkey), the Sehit Baris Ozturk Secondary School (Turkey), the SEDA association (Poland), Pope John Paul II University in Krakow (Poland), the Progress Projects association (Lithuania) and the VSI Human Resources Development Centre (Lithuania).

The consortium of this project will work together to provide tools and resources to teachers to enable them to better adapt to the online educational environment. In this way, IMONED will also develop methodologies for the digitisation of education.