Meeting with José Vilar and Rafa Escamilla of IVACE

EuroFUE had a meeting with IVACE in order to talk about SEIMED, which is part of Enterprise Europe Network. It offers its services to the small and medium companies of the Valencian Community and Region of Murcia. The aim is to help SMEs to develop their potential and innovative capacity through the internationalization, technology transfer and access to funding. We considered different possibilities about how EuroFUE-UJI could actively collaborate with that network. Finally, the proposal of taking part in a debate table in the 2nd Go global Congress arose. This event is a meeting point about internationalization in which it is informed of support in this area. The last trends are also known through conferences, seminars, as well as interviews. Doubts are raised together with the representatives of the External Network of International IVACE and of different funding and insurance entities.

On the other hand, EuroFUE-UJI will organize a conference on SME Instrument next 18 September in FUE-UJI within the SEIMED framework.

Resultado de imagen de seimed

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