The FUE-UJI from its European and International Projects Office will advise Simetría Grupo to improve its competences in terms of international positioning through its new initiative «European Funding Roadmap«. This initiative aims to attract a higher percentage of European funds and thus improve the financing of the business and innovative fabric of the province of Castellón.

With a duration of 1 year, this Roadmap will help Simetría to access more European projects. The European Roadmap consists of 2 phases, the first one will focus on the development of a Strategic Plan for attracting European resources. After an analysis of the potential of Simetría, the group will then be provided with customized training on the most suitable European Funding and Funds. This first phase also includes the development of a Communication Plan, specialized in international positioning based on the most strategic European programs and calls according to the interests and characteristics of Simetría Grupo.

The second phase will consist of the preparation of a working agenda in Brussels and support in the meetings by the FUE-UJI. Simetría will also actively participate in public-private platforms, conferences, events and meetings with European institutions and entities of interest. Finally, Simetría Grupo will join different international consortiums of European project proposals, duly studied and with the highest guarantees of success.

Thanks to this initiative of the FUE-UJI, Simetría will continue to implement and develop projects with European funding, such as PAV-DT, a project developed within Becsa, the leading construction company of the group. This project, presented in one of the «Desayunos Europeos» organized by EuroFUE-UJI, develops a pavement auscultation system that will help to increase the efficiency of public administrations in road maintenance, as well as to provide a more sustainable service, since it will help vehicles to reduce emissions in their circulation.

Simetría Grupo, as trustee of the FUE-UJI, values very positively the work done by the European and International Projects Office of the FUE-UJI, bringing Europe closer to companies and related entities and preparing and implementing European science and innovation projects that contribute to the progress of society.

Simetría continues to work on different projects to continue growing and expanding in different processes of innovation and internationalization. That is why these programs developed at the Universitat Jaume I allow us to be among the elite of European companies, to be in contact with great professionals from all over Europe and to enrich our internal knowledge, thus causing a leap in the training of our technicians.

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