The first transnational online meeting of the Adult Community Media Lab (ACML) project marks the start of this Erasmus+ project on the digital age and social networks. The main objective of this Erasmus+ project, in which the FUE-UJI is a partner, is the training of adults in social media and digitalisation. ACML brought together all its partners online on February 17th to launch the initial activities of the project. Among the topics addressed at the meeting, the lines of development and implementation of the innovative ACML digital social media training programme were established, which will be based on an intelligent and open learning environment that includes methodologies that accelerate, motivate and improve the learning processes of the participants.

This first meeting between international partners was led by its coordinator, the Yenesehir Public Education Centre (Turkey). In addition to the project coordinator and FUE-UJI, representatives of all members of the ACML project consortium have participated in this meeting, the Ova Information Systems Industry and Trade Limited Company (Turkey), the Yenisehir District MEM (Turkey), the Instytut Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji Foundation (Poland), the Ecoistituto del Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) and the Croatian Office of Creativity and Innovation (Croatia).

Once the first steps of the ACML project have been determined, as well as its visual identity and dissemination channels, the consortium will work over the next two years on the development of the training platform and the training programme for adults in social media and adaptation to the digitalisation era, a training that is considered to be of great urgency given the leap towards digitalisation experienced worldwide in the last year and whose trend is expected to continue.