The first UJI Study Abroad course with students from the Mexican university of Puebla ends successfully

The Universitat Jaume I has successfully completed the first Study Abroad UJI course in which a group of postgraduate students of Psychology of Work and Organisations from the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) in Mexico have participated. The course «Healthy and resilient organisations» is one of the nine courses included in the Study Abroad UJI programme, promoted by the Vice-Rector’s Office for International Relations with the aim of fostering academic training through short-term stays and multidisciplinary courses.

The Vice-Rector for International Relations, Eva Camacho, closed the course and thanked the team of Professor of Social Psychology Marisa Salanova, head of the WANT-UJI research group and academic coordinator of the course together with Professor Valeria Cruz, for their work. Eva Camacho also extended his congratulations to the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) and its students for their interest and conveyed the Jaume I’s intention to continue with future courses.


After a month of training and cultural sessions, the course «Healthy and resilient organisations» has trained UPAEP students in work psychology, healthy organisations and organisational wellbeing, with the help of professors and leading researchers in each discipline. The Study Abroad UJI courses also include an immersive experience in the province of Castellón, from a touristic, cultural and gastronomic perspective through different workshops. For this reason, the Castellón Tourist Board presented the UPAEP students with the tourist attractions that characterise this territory and the Voramar group gave them a brief introduction to the most typical gastronomy of the Castellón area with a culinary workshop on paella and sustainable gastronomy.

The format of the Study Abroad UJI courses allows to combine a theoretical curriculum with the presentation and analysis of practical cases of companies in the Valencian Community. In this course, the UJI has counted with the collaboration of the companies Vygon and Ford, which have transferred to the students their policies on work psychology and welfare of the organisation. The Universitat Jaume I-Business Foundation (FUE-UJI) has been in charge of the coordination and monitoring of these academic and cultural activities, within the framework of the implementation of the Study Abroad UJI programme.

The Study Abroad UJI programme offers multidisciplinary training through a range of nine different courses and short-term stays that contribute to the personal and professional development of young people from all over the world. Each training programme has an up-to-date theoretical curriculum combined with practical case studies from the region. The learning experience is enhanced by the international training environment and immersion in the social and cultural life of Castelló.

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