The InterCat project on accessible and sustainable tourism meets in Italy

The InterCAT’s Kick-Off Meeting took place in Tusa (Italy) on 28-29 July 2021. This first face-to-face meeting allowed the partners of this Erasmus+ project to meet each other in person. The working sessions of these two days meeting has focused on the work done and to be done in order to implement the deliverables of this project on circular and accessible tourism. Specially focusing on the development of the Glossary of terms for circular and accessible tourism, that will be finally presented during the project’s Training in Portugal.

On the occasion of InterCAT’s Kick-Off Meeting that took place in Tusa (Italy) on 28-29 July 2021, the hosting organization, Association New Horizons (aka Project Coordinator) has diffused the press release to several local newspapers in Sicily for publication. The news has made it to a number of significant news outlets, including the Gazzetta del Sud (one of the most important newspaper in the south of Italy), Nebrodi News, and Lettera Emme.

Through published articles, the public could learn about our multinational Partnership, the project Objectives, main Results, as well as the next Activity – the Training Course in Portugal in order to draw public attention and interest. In addition, the partnership’s visit to the local Municipality is also highlighted, emphasizing the project’s determination in involving local authorities as identified stakeholders for the application and diffusion of project impact.

Nebrodi News:
Lettera Emme:

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