A new Erasmus+ ZERO WASTE project joins the 15 European projects already implemented by FUE-UJI. This project, in which EuroFUE-UJI is participating as a partner, will focus on training adults in the concepts of sustainability and the circular economy. The project, coordinated by Democracy University in Izmir (Turkey), consists of a total of 6 partners, including the FUE-UJI.

ZERO WASTE is a European project funded under the Erasmus+ programme in the modality "Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education", which will be implemented for a period of 24 months by EuroFUE-UJI. During this time the project will work to reduce the volume of non-recyclable waste through training and the creation of an innovative curriculum and therefore enhance entrepreneurship in these areas.

In addition to the Democratic University of Izmir (Turkey) as coordinator and FUE-UJI as a partner, the ZERO WASTE consortium is formed by five other entities from different countries: the University of Balikesir (Turkey), the multicultural organisation SWIDEAS (Sweden), the Slovak University of Agriculture V (Slovakia), the consulting firm EMKICE (Republic of North Macedonia) and the locality of KARESI (Turkey).

The final aim of the ZERO WASTE project through this consortium is to reduce the volume of non-recyclable waste. To achieve this, it will carry out a study that analyses the current situation in Europe and Turkey in terms of the Circular Economy and Zero Waste using different indicators and will train adults in the skills and knowledge needed to start implementing the principles of the Circular Economy through the Zero Waste methodology.